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Dear Friends,

Shady Hill is grateful to the alumni, parents, grandparents, and friends who, as volunteers and ambassadors for the School's advancement efforts and as donors for over 90 years, have given their time, resources and, most importantly, their conviction, to furthering the goals of Shady Hill's values. Their generosity of spirit allows us to be confident of success today and in the future.

We invite you to explore the number of initiatives and volunteer opportunities available under the large umbrella of advancement. The Advancement Office encompasses all of the efforts that help community members deepen their connections to one another and to the school through community events, alumni relations, communications and fundraising for annual and capital needs.

Once again, thank you for your support of the School. Please feel free to contact the Advancement Office if you are interested in volunteering your time or have any questions about the different opportunities of supporting the School.

Advancement Office
Advancement Staff
Kimberly Kubik, Director of Institutional Advancement

Alanna Boyd
, Director of Community Relations

Rhianne Crowley, Director of Annual Programs

Nicole Ferrara, Director of Major Gifts

Ash Saraga, Advancement Assistant

Diane Stansbury, Community Events Coordinator

The Bruce Shaw Fund

Read about The Bruce Shaw Fund

The Bruce Shaw Fund, a $1,500,000 Board-designated endowment fund, will support the Bruce Shaw Educational Leadership Chair.

This two-year, rotating award will provide salary, benefits, and a $10,000 professional development grant for a teacher who has been at the school for 10 years or more.

Please join us in honoring Bruce by contributing to the Fund, a component of the Blueprints for Learning Campaign.

if you have any questions about The Bruce Shaw Fund, please contact the Advancement Office at 617-520-5223.

The Faith Chase Fund
Recruiting and retaining a diverse faculty is one of our top institutional initiatives. Shady Hill strives to increase the number of faculty of color, currently 12 out of 67 (18% of our teaching faculty), to mirror the make-up of our student body where we have 172 self-identified students of color (34%).

To support our commitment to diversity, we actively recruit teachers of color from sources such as NEMNET (The National Employment Minority Network), the premier resource for recruiting teachers of color. In addition, Shady Hill funds professional development and support for our faculty of color in an effort to provide a nurturing and supportive professional experience at Shady Hill School; support whose outcome enriches our entire community.

The Faith Chase Fund
In 1969, Faith Chase was hired as an early childhood teacher. Faith was the school’s first African-American faculty member Over the course of her tenure, a celebrated twenty-three years, Faith’s devotion to teaching and diversity fundamentally enriched the Shady Hill School community. In 2010, Shady Hill School established The Faith Chase Fund (FC Fund) to honor Faith and her extraordinary career and contributions to our School.

As one of its primary objectives, the FC Fund underwrites attendance of Shady Hill teachers at the National Association of Independent Schools’ People of Color Conference (PoCC). At this yearly conference, teachers representing independent schools from across the country, come together to share, learn cooperatively, and refresh their love of teaching. The goal of each PoCC includes supporting participants in advancing equity and justice around racial and ethnic identity at their respective schools.

Each year, the PoCC devotes numerous workshops on how to best learn about, share, and celebrate traditions and teaching that support students of color. Each student in every Shady Hill classroom benefits from a diverse group of dedicated educators and mentors. It is for this reason that The Faith Chase Fund is a significant means of support for diversity at Shady Hill. For more information on The Faith Chase Fund, or to make a gift in support of this initiative, please contact Nicole Ferrara at 617.520.5225, or